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Move to the suburbs? Or move to the city?

live in the city or on the outskirts

Move to the suburbs? Or move to the city?

We know that Buying a home is a very difficult and important decision., so we help you make that decision easier and lighter.

We must remember that we must carefully consider the distribution, the type of property and of course its location.

That is why one of the first questions we must ask ourselves is If we want to live in the center of a city or on the outskirts.

Have you ever thought about what your daily life would be like in an urbanization on the outskirts of the city? In what aspects would you change? Would it improve your quality of life? Today we tell you some of the main advantages.

Main advantages of living on the outskirts of a big city

  1.       He housing cost is lower than in the center. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that homes on the outskirts are usually integrated into urbanizations and many of them are newly built, which allows you to enjoy a new home.
  2.       Don't forget the great privileges you will have, such as: a garden, your own garage to forget about stress If you can't find parking or even a pool, a dip after work never hurts!
  3.       He contact with the nature. This will help encourage physical activities outdoors, in addition to enjoying a feeling of peace and tranquility, freeing you from noise at all hours. Homes on the outskirts are usually in quiet areas where you can enjoy silence and tranquility.
  4.       If you are a pet lover, live in the suburbs It is perfect for living with animals. These urbanizations have gardens and nearby green spaces designed for you and your pet to enjoy daily.


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Main advantages of living in the center of a big city

  1.     Everything is close to home. The benefit of living downtown that we hear about most is this, and it's true. Do you need to buy clothes? You go to the nearest store and buy it. Don't you feel like cooking? You will find dozens of bars and restaurants to choose from. And let's not forget to add that, after a busy day, you have the option of walking home.
  2.       Entertainment is never a problem. In the center you have countless activities for all tastes that you can do. Also remember that different social, cultural events, etc. are usually held, so leave free spaces in your agenda.
  3.       you have the more varied routes to go out. That is, once you settle in the center, leaving it is very easy. It has many means of transportation that make taking a weekend getaway very easy.


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