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New hiring of warehouse manager

We know how important the security of your belongings is and that is why we care about maintaining control and order within our warehouses.

For this task we have Raúl, our new warehouse manager. He will be in charge, among other things, of keeping all moves controlled.

It may be the case that you do not have your new home fixed up and you are carrying out construction work. It also happens many times that we change cities and until we find a new home it takes us a while to use small apartments or hotels. We can even say that sometimes we want to make renovations in our current home and to do so we must remove all the furniture we have from our living room, for example. In these cases, we will use our transit warehouse which, as its name indicates, is for items that are in transit and will not be stored for long periods of time.

In addition to the cases mentioned above, for international moves that go by sea, air and large moves by road, they must always go through our warehouses, on day "one" we collect it at your home, and later we load it in a container sea or on a road train to later deliver it to your new country.

We palletize the moves that remain in transit and place them on shelves that are marked and structured by position and volume, so that it is easy to carry out loading and unloading tasks. Likewise, for larger volumes, we use wooden racks where we place the items in loose load.

Our new colleague will help us control all this and, in addition, will provide support to all the work teams so that they have all the necessary material for the moves, all the tools for assembly and disassembly and all the equipment they require for the services.

Raúl is a very dynamic and efficient person who offers our team a new vision of internal logistics, which will surely allow our clients to achieve this improvement!




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