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About Passer Moving

About us?

Passer Moving We are a company dedicated to office transfers and removals at a local, national and international level for individuals, companies and multinationals.
We are located in Castellbisbal, where we have our offices and the warehouse for shipments in transit, and in Olesa de Montserrat, we have our corporate furniture storage warehouses.

What do we do?

Services for self-employed individuals and micro-businesses: removals and transfers.

For both individuals and companies we carry out the Service local and national removals and international. To do this, we collect the belongings at origin and deliver them directly to the destination, door-to-door service. In the same way we carry out office and/or business transfers.

Services for SMEs and companies: office transfers, expatriate transfers, furniture storage and document management.


For SMEs and companies we carry out

expatriate transfers (removals on an international level); transfers of local and national offices and international transfers of offices and/or companies covering all of Spain.

We also have the corporate furniture storage service where our clients store the furniture that they do not use or that does not fit in their rooms. Our service includes the collection and protection of said furniture to bring it to our warehouses. In the future, when the client requests that we assemble rooms or work spaces using the furniture that we have stored in our warehouse, we bring said furniture back and assemble it in the room as needed. the client. In this process, we use detailed inventories so that the client has absolute control of all the furniture we have in custody, using photographs to identify each type of furniture.

We have the service of furniture storage in transit for, for example, house moves or expatriates. We keep the items for our client while he finds his new home. Once found, we load them to take them to the final destination address, once again offering our door-to-door service.

We offer the document management service which includes: save and custody of files in our document management center; he document digitization service; preparation of documents for digitization; data capture and verification; and quality control. For the physical documentation consultation We take care of bringing the requested box of documentation or the specific file requested to our clients' offices. We also carry out the confidential document destruction punctually or periodically and destruction of confidential containers of all documents or files that our clients want to destroy.

Our infrastructure also allows us to carry out specialized assembly of all types of elements (technical machines, stands, etc.). Likewise, we carry out transfers of art, pianos, different machinery, etc., this allows us to act as business logistics center from different sectors.


If you are interested in any of our services or need more detailed information, you can request it here.



international moving