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Phases of an office move in Barcelona

Office transfers

In Passer Moving we are experts in making office transfers. In the last month, we have made the transfer of 3 offices to their new building. When making a move, communication and prior planning of the service with the client is important, this means that we can organize the logistics (of the move) in detail so that everything goes as planned.

Before starting at origin, We help our client understand how important it is to label all the furniture, computer equipment, documentation and everything they want to move to their new headquarters.. Using the plans of the origin and destination (office) we facilitate and speed up our (transfer) work, in this way, the team will know at all times where each table, each piece of equipment and each box of documentation goes in their new office. In addition, We evaluate the addresses and accesses to proceed with the management of the appropriate parking permits, in addition to being able manage what material and what tools are necessary to be able to carry out effective work.

We start fitting computer equipment, disassembling and protecting all workstations for transport. We can consider this task as the first phase of the office transfer, in which we coordinate the actions with the provider that makes the computer connections and with the company's own IT department.

Later we start the second phase and we carry out the transfer of the rest of the furniture, closets, meeting rooms, documentation, boxes with personal effects that each professional usually has in their workspace, etc.

In this transfer, specifically, we use a lifting platform to be able to lower all those large volume elements.

In the last phase, we coordinate with the client and check both locations, both origin and destination, to ensure that the layout of the new office is to your liking, making the final touches at that time, so that the opening day of your new offices is a success.

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