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Access issue

Access issue

When managing the operation for a move or transfer, whether a pick-up or delivery, it is vitally important to know the access to the home or facilities well in advance. In this way we can foresee possible problems that may arise, assemble the appropriate human and technical team and have a fairly approximate idea of the time that the specific service may take.

Management of parking permits and use of public roads

In order to manage parking permits with the relevant city council, generally you must have the advance notice set by the administration in each case. This period of advance notice to carry out the management depends on: the necessary space that must be reserved, the vehicles to be parked, whether it is a reserved space or a street closure is needed, whether partial, total or intermittent and finally the type of road where the action will be carried out, taking into account several factors: importance of the road, number of traffic that it usually endures, proximity to complicated points such as hospitals, schools, etc. and other features. To carry out this type of procedures, town councils usually generate fees, both for management and for the use of public roads to carry out services, which are very varied and depend on factors that only the town council in question knows about and issues a once permission has been granted. This is why at Passer we do not include these expenses in our budgets and we limit ourselves to satisfying them in advance and then transferring them directly to our clients. However, our experience indicates a scale of costs that we always try to transfer to the client so that they have that cost that will be added to our budget, in this way we try to minimize surprises in regards to the cost for our end client.


Access to the home or office

When moving or relocating a business, obviously you are going to have to move packages of various sizes, weights and characteristics, the furniture cannot always be dismantled, which is why it is advisable to know and review, if possible, everything the route that all the elements to be moved will have to take in order to ensure that they can be taken to their destination. There is always the possibility that complications may arise, doors or stairs that are too narrow for that 2m x 2m bed base that cannot be dismantled, tables or pieces of furniture that are too wide for the staircase of the old building in the trendy neighborhood, feet of marble table that cannot be lifted even with 6 people, etc. For this reason, it is also important, as far as possible, to know in advance the furniture items that are going to be moved.

All of these cases would not represent too much of a problem, as long as they are known sufficiently in advance. Therefore, whenever possible, at Passer we like to carry out a brief technical visit to the homes or facilities of our clients, this way we can see the elements to be moved and the accesses of origin and/or destination, in order to be able to foresee the adequate management of parking permits and the design of the most effective operation, looking for alternatives, such as the use of an external lifting platform, modifying the amount of necessary human and technical resources, etc., so that the service is carried out in the fastest, most effective and most comfortable way for everyone.




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