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What are the best destinations in Europe for expats?


What are the best destinations in Europe for expats?

The growth of expatriate relocation is a reality. The new generations show greater interest in growing personally and professionally, and one of their priorities is to discover new cultures, values and professional goals.

The life of the expatriates It is not always easy, that is why you have to find the ideal place to move. If you are considering a more ambitious professional project and are open to mobility, here we show you several interesting opportunities.

A good health system, transportation, education, low crime rate, perhaps an unbeatable quality of life, what do you need to start over?

Moving to Vienna (Austria)

The capital of Austria is a good place to live. It has an incredible infrastructure and boasts a great health system, one of the best in Europe. Its crime rate is quite low and the cost of living is affordable, even more so if we take into account that of other European cities. For all these reasons, Vienna becomes one of the cities with the greatest possibilities, where people work to enjoy their artistic, cultural and social panorama.

Moving to Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva is one of the main cities in Switzerland. Is United Nations headquarters and from a multitude of corporations, with a very high score regarding its quality of life (public transportation, health and education system) and in matters of personal safety. It is a beautiful city and also expensive, although relocations by expatriates do not stop happening. There must be a reason!

Moving to Frankfurt (Germany)

Frankfurt is known throughout Europe for its educational and health system, its great infrastructures and its multiple job opportunities. That is why it is such an attractive city for expats. The German city is one of the most important European financial centers and salaries are high. In addition, in terms of leisure it has a lot to offer, with its great theaters, events, restaurants and more. Not to mention its magnificent connection with the rest of Europe.

Moving to Munich (Germany)

We continue in Germany, this time in the beautiful city of Munich, where so many expatriates have made their move. Munich has cutting-edge technology, as well as automotive, aerospace and media companies, hence it has a large community of people from all over the world. The crime rates in the city are especially low, and in contrast, its cultural and artistic diversity It is very wide.

Moving to Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich has a conservative image, but still has many opportunities for newcomers to adapt to the city without problems. It is the financial and banking center par excellence and the perfect place to spend a perfect family or couple weekend. Is very clean, safe, beautiful and its educational centers are very attractive for immigrant families.


The expatriate relocation It has a purpose and finds its meaning in personal and professional development. You should not deny an opportunity, even less so when there is the possibility of residing in a city with so much potential, so that the transition is safer and more comfortable.

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