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Definitive Guide for Your Move to Andorra

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Discover How Passer Makes Your Move to Andorra Easy and Safe

Are you thinking about a move to Andorra, but feel overwhelmed by the complexity of an international move? At Passer, we understand that changing countries is one of the most significant moments in a person's life. That's why we are dedicated to making your move to Andorra as smooth and stress-free as possible. With our experience and local knowledge, we will guide you every step of the way, transforming a daunting task into an exciting transition to your new home.

Andorra, as a new country

To enter Andorra from any country other than Spain, we can use what we commonly call a T1. It is a transit document that we use to handle merchandise that passes through a country that will not end up being the final destination, in this case it is usually Spain (Barcelona) or France, which is the closest to Andorra. At Passer we will be in charge of managing all this documentation, prior to the move, with our customs agents.

Why Choose Passer for Your Move to Andorra?

Choosing Passer for your move to Andorra means putting your trust in experts who understand that every detail counts. From the moment you make the decision until you settle into your new environment, we provide you with complete and personalized support.

Personalized Planning

We understand that each move reflects a unique story. Therefore, our approach begins by listening to your needs and expectations. It's not just about moving boxes; It's about moving your life. Our specialists will design a tailored plan that considers everything from the volume of your move to the particularities of each of your belongings. We advise you on the best packaging methods, storage options if you need them, and how to optimize times and costs, ensuring that your move is as efficient as possible.

Documentation Assistance

Bureaucratic procedures can be tedious, especially when they involve changing countries. Passer simplifies this process by offering you assistance in collecting the necessary documents so that your belongings can cross borders without unforeseen events. We guide you step by step, avoiding delays and ensuring that you comply with all legal requirements.

We will inform you of the necessary documents and we will even advise you on where to get them, the most common among others will be; identification document, certificate of consular deregistration in the country of origin, certificate of registration from the town hall where you are going to reside, valued and signed list of belongings that will be prepared by our operators, or colleagues at origin, during collection, etc.

Andorra also leaves

To leave the country, that is, to do the reverse operation, a series of documents and customs requirements are also needed. We have experience in both import and export, in this case, from Andorra.

With or without franchise

Although we know that the import and export of used personal belongings paying taxes is a somewhat simpler thing, at Passer we understand that legally, there are many occasions that we will not have to pay certain taxes. Therefore, it is important to know exactly those cases where it will not be necessary to pay taxes and instead take advantage of the franchise.
For this there are several requirements, among others, having resided outside the destination country during the 12 months preceding the transfer, registering in the registry of citizens or register in the destination residence, that the goods are used and are in possession. of the owner at least during the previous 6 months, etc.

Safe and Efficient Transportation for your move to Andorra

Your peace of mind is our priority. We have a modern fleet adapted to all types of moves, guaranteeing the care of your goods. Our team of professionals is trained in packaging and handling techniques for objects, from the most robust to the most delicate, ensuring their protection during transport. Efficiency not only refers to speed, but also to ensuring that each item arrives in perfect condition.

Vehicles to or from Andorra

We also take care of moving your vehicles that have extra difficulty when entering or leaving the country.
In addition to the basics, you must provide a purchase invoice or certification of valuation of the car or motorcycle, the deregistration certificate from the Ministry of Economy of the country of origin, the technical sheet, any tax other than gases depending on the age of the vehicle, etc. .
We believe that these are sufficient reasons to trust a professional company for your move to Andorra such as Passer to move vehicles to Andorra or from Andorra.

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