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How will homes begin to be considered in the post-covid era?

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How will homes begin to be considered in the post-covid era?

Covid-19 has made us rethink certain aspects of our lives related to our social, work and personal environment. This new reality has transformed our perception of seeing the world and, whether we like it or not, some things will change. One of these changes consists of a more sustainable architecture that takes place in larger, healthier environments with green spaces.

The homes of tomorrow


Confinement has tested us in many situations based on family coexistence and during these months we have paid more attention than ever to hygiene and the world that opens its way to the outdoors.

Some habitability decrees remain under review after incidents perceived during the quarantine. Minimum habitability conditions must be met and for this, architecture must bet on flexible spaces that allow you to easily adapt to this type of necessary changes.

Characteristics of homes in the post-Covid era


People who live in cities are increasingly feeling more stressed and anxious. Furthermore, the lack of natural resources and high housing prices predicted a long-term transformation.

The appearance of Covid-19 has brought forward these changes and many people are considering move to the suburbs to get larger homes at a lower price. Homes in the post-Covid era aim to be more comfortable and offer everything that many of them lack today. What will be its most notable features?

  • The spaces must be more versatile and functional than before. The home is being used for other things, such as working or playing sports, and should be practical and flexible.
  • Elderly connection between interior and exterior. Outdoor space is more important than ever, an area that must connect with the interior space to obtain greater freedom of movement and breathe fresh air. The roofs in buildings they will also serve this purpose, mainly in large cities.
  • Big changes in the bathroom area. To increase and control hygiene, the possibility of shower, sink and toilet not coinciding in the same room is being considered.
  • Homes with their own solar energy supply, betting on a more lifestyle sustainable to combat the climate change. And, if the coronavirus is currently one of our main concerns, the sustainability It is not far behind either, being one of the great challenges faced by human beings.


Our home is our refuge And after what happened due to Covid-19, we have realized that it is essential to create a multidisciplinary place where we can cook, eat, enjoy the best leisure, play sports and work. The idea is to have more space and outdoor areas to be prepared and live properly.

Industrialized constructions with greater advantages


Construction has been using traditional materials for many years to build its homes and buildings. However, after this global crisis, The construction sector is considering new challenges to build different homes based on great advantages.

First of all, they intend reduce construction times to streamline work through the use of a standard design and a more industrial production. Second, projects tend to be more sustainable to save water and other resources, and generate less industrial waste.

One of the options available to achieve these objectives are the sandwich panels, some key elements that are fixed directly on the structure to facilitate the installation process without the need to use other resources. The idea is to create buildings anywhere in less time, leading to a sustainable and responsible construction.


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