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How to avoid fraud in a moving company?

At Passer we help you so that you do not become a victim of a fraud when hiring a moving company.

In this sector, as in many others, scams can be quite common, through which companies try to take full advantage of their customers.

To avoid this situation you should follow these tips:

  •       Check very well budget What do you sign? It is recommended that, before starting work, you have a copy of the budget that you should reread several times to be clear about all the points. Understanding everything is important, review all the services it includes and excludes so you don't find any surprises.


  •         Experts recommend taking into account recommendations from clients who have had a move and some reliable opinion regarding the company, whether through an acquaintance, social networks, a forum or its website. One of the options you can take is to visit the moving company facilities, thanks to this you will be able to assess the quality and reliability that you can obtain in their services.


  •         In moving companies, such as Passer Moving, we offer insurance for the goods to be transported, to guarantee our client maximum security. And we have a specific furniture storage space where they will not suffer any harm. When the contracted company does not offer you these services, be suspicious.


  •         At Passer we also have a transport vehicle fleet, adapted. And a human team with many years of experience.


  •         Finally, you should pay attention to the way the employees work. workersIf you see that they work in a disorganized manner, show inexperience, or do dubious work, the best thing you can do is stop the move and hire the services of another company.


At Passer we want your move to be ideal, that's why we adapt to any of your needs. Naps looking for a company to carry out a move, visit our website and discover the seriousness and professionalism of our services. 




international moving