international moving

Vehicle transfer

When you have to move, especially when it is an international move, you may have to take the vehicle to your new home.

Don't worry, in Passer We also take care of the transfer of your vehicles.

As it is a European move that is going by land, We load it and stow it perfectly in a trailer with which we carry your entire move, including the vehicle. In the same way, if it is a transfer that crosses the sea, we will upload your vehicles in a maritime container, so that it reaches its destination in perfect conditions.

We use specialized cranes for each type of vehicle, logically it is not the same to lift a minivan as it is to lift an SUV or a large motorcycle.

We organize the logistics to have the truck or container in our warehouse to start loading your entire move. Being international, we will have done the collection previously before managing the transportation and we will have it stored in our transit warehouse. Once your move has been stowed (very important, by the way, to avoid damage during transport), the necessary stops are placed, using wood, cardboard and metal sides to prevent the move from falling on top of the vehicle. Then, with our specialists and the crane, we lift the vehicle onto the truck or container and make the necessary anchors.

The anchors of the vehicle are important so that it does not move within the means of transport and in this way it cannot be damaged or broken. Wooden stops, slings and mooring straps are placed.

This is how your move and your vehicle will arrive at the new destination.




international moving