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Our head of the business development department

Andrea is the most young and vital of our team, active and positive, maintains a high level of activity and good vibes both personally and at work. 

Always with fresh ideas to develop our business, thanks to his work, Passer is entering the digital era through the front door, his concern and commitment to develop a good digital marketing strategy, together with our professional colleagues from Online Marketing Gala, is beginning to bear fruit: our profiles on social networks are reaching more and more people, and our website is constantly improving, like with this same Blog that you are reading.

For business development, it is very important to always be attentive to the movements or changes in trends of our potential clients, especially in relation to the corporate services, On the other hand, social media strategies, through their immediacy and closeness, allow us to reach people that Passer is above all made up of people who want to carry out their work with the best possible attitudes and results.

As with all this work, he does not have enough, and he has energy left for a while, he also dedicates himself to supporting the national operations department, for which his organizational capacity and people skills work perfectly.


We are very lucky to have her on our staff,


Thank you Andrea!



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Our National and local Moving Services in Madrid

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