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When is the best time to move?

When do you think it is best time to move? Summer? Winter? At Passer Moving we consider that there is no exact science to determine what the ideal time is, although it is true that the volume of moves usually focuses on specific points of the year. In this post we are going to explain all the advantages of moving in a specific season.

First of all, as we always say, each case is different and that is why the most important thing that You must think about what you need, this will be determined by your circumstances and needs.. What we all agree on is that a move is usually a fairly significant change in our lives, which is why we want everything to turn out perfect.

It is advisable not to be in too much of a hurry to carry out this process and to think carefully about when you are going to start it. This can help you see what the ideal time is to start the move, although it is almost impossible to find a time that does not present some inconvenience since there are many aspects that come into play when making the move.

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Removals in summer.

A good time to make a move is in the holiday period. Moving is a long process that will take up a lot of our time., that is why we must decide if We invest our time in accompanying the team that carries out the transfer or we prefer to forget about everything and have the team take care of it according to your instructions. Normally the team will advance the work while we continue with our daily routine: working or managing other issues.

Of course on vacation we have the time What do we need to do the organization process and packing our things, if we do not want the moving company to pack it. By having more hours a day dedicated to this work, we can avoid the stress caused by moving and better organize the entire process. To this we must add that we have more hours of natural light.

Another advantage that the summer period has is the decrease in traffic. The most normal thing is that in summer people go on vacation and that translates into a reduction in traffic. This is very beneficial since we will make the necessary trips in a very short time and we will easily find a parking space.

But not everything is good in this season, we must not forget the high temperatures which make work very difficult because they cause fatigue and discomfort.


Winter Removals.

One of the clearest advantages that we propose is that in the winter period there are many less moving So, professional moving companies are much more flexible to your schedules and dates since they have more availability and they can be better adjusted to your personal needs.

As you can see in both winter and summer we find advantages and disadvantages. That's why you shouldn't forget these tips:

-Bgood organization: It is highly recommended to have everything very well organized before starting to move things. A good idea might be to write down everything you have to take. 

Choose the right dates: Find the days that best suit your work and family needs.

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