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Has the coronavirus made teleworking here to stay?

Has the coronavirus made teleworking here to stay?

The current situation caused by The coronavirus has forced companies to adapt the processes, protocols and daily tasks of their employees to teleworking..

We could say that in Spain it has accelerated a process in SMEs, which had already started years ago in some large companies.

This is why one of the most frequently asked questions by teleworkers these days is whether Everything will return to normal once the authorities eliminate confinement measures or if teleworking is here to stay..

There is no answer yet, it will depend on many factors but The facts show that before the pandemic, many companies had already begun to opt for this formula on alternate days. both for the advantages they represent for employees and for the company.

If as an owner, CEO or director you are considering continuing with some of the measures adopted during this period, once everything has passed, fully or partially applying teleworking in your company,  We want to explain 5 advantages of teleworking for the company:


 Lower costs.


Companies that have their staff or part of them teleworking reduce, for example, infrastructure costs given that Teleworking allows for smaller offices if face-to-face shifts are organized. This reduction in space also entails a reduction in the costs of water, electricity, cleaning, etc. 

It also allows many companies to reduce their employees' expenses on food and travel.


Reduce work absenteeism.


It is proven that Teleworking reduces absenteeism from work because the employee has a more flexible schedule. With teleworking, people can manage part of their working day autonomously, which allows for greater family conciliation, thus reducing unjustified absences from work.


Improvement of objectives.


Teleworking allows you a new way of organizing your company. You can organize the work of your employees by objectives or by projects and not by time spent. This change in mentality is in line with the present needs of companies to increase productivity, which we will discuss later.


Possibility of having better talent


A company that allows teleworking It is an option for all those people who live far from the corporate headquarters or the offices where they will carry out their work.. This allows the company to have more candidates, because it no longer has to assess the employees' daily travel time to their offices, but rather their capabilities for the position.


Higher productivity


Teleworking allows greater employee productivity as it provides more personalized time management to perform any task. Although the employee's telepresence time is the same in the company, the person will have more time for other aspects of their life due to the saving in time traveling to the company. This greater availability of time for family chores reduces people's stress, increases happiness and goodwill towards the company, which translates into increased productivity..

In summary, what we highlight most about This time management is what makes workers do the tasks more., since they own more decisions and are under less pressure.

Finally, remember that Teleworking has many variants, there is the possibility of choosing only to have part of your staff telework, or perhaps alternating teleworking and face-to-face work in the office according to a calendar. It is expected that in 2021 many companies will move to smaller offices in order to reduce their costs and thus overcome the negative effects of the coronavirus more quickly.. If yours is one of these companies, you can request information about our office transfer service in the following link.




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