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Tips to adapt your home to teleworking

Adapt your home to Teleworking

Tips to adapt your home to teleworking

To stop the spread of COVID-19, The Spanish authorities announced a series of special measures in the second quarter of the year, such as facilitating the option of teleworking for employees. In fact, many companies have chosen this alternative to prevent transfers and make confinement more effective.

Some homes have the possibility of using a room as an office, while in other cases it is necessary to create a corner set up as a work area. Be that as it may, most companies have hired the services of a moving company so that all their workers can continue to have their furniture and office supplies.

Tips to turn your home into your workplace

At Passer Moving we are going to give you some recommendations so that you can solve the problem and turn a part of your home into the best home office. In reality, it is simpler than it seems. It is only necessary to create an adequate space, taking into account several key aspects such as storage and lighting.

  • Find the right place. It should be a quiet space, more or less soundproof.. This will allow you to concentrate and prevent you from being easily distracted. In the same way, you must guarantee a good connection to the network, addressing any overload problems that may exist, and have outlets close to your work area to connect your equipment. This way you will be able to face another confinement and avoid unnecessary transfers.
  • Choose a well-lit and fresh environment. As we have already indicated, it is very important that the space is soundproof, but it must also have good lighting and the atmosphere must be fresh. This will enhance your concentration and prevent your eyes from becoming too irritated. The idea is to have natural light, but if it is not possible, at least have similar lighting. In these cases, flexes always come in handy, an addition of light that will illuminate the table where you work every day. In the same way, It is advisable to surround yourself with plants to create a healthy environment, as well as ventilate the space every day.
  • Get effective separation. This means separate the workspace from the rest of the house to differentiate and identify it. In this way, the rest of the family members or residents will know that it is a work area that they will always have to respect, even more so during the duration of the established work day.
  • Ergonomic furniture to promote comfort. It is very important to choose appropriate furniture to take care of your posture and keep your activity at a good pace. Companies often have specially designed chairs with adjustable heights and reclining functions to make workers feel comfortable and relaxed. Furthermore, since it is very important that the body does not suffer from teleworking, You have to try to alter your position and work while standing..

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Most employees do not have adequate office furniture in their homes and are not willing to cover the expense of purchasing it. Nevertheless, many companies are carrying out transfers of office furniture so that your workers can carry out their work activity in the most appropriate way and have their entire office equipment. If this is your case, request information about our transfer service by clicking here.



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