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How to organize your clothes for a move

organize clothes for a move

Tips for organizing your closet for a move, according to Marie Kondo

Organize your closet never hurts, especially when it comes to transfers and removals. Marie Kondo is a businesswoman who has given us the keys to organize everything in the most practical, simple and effective way possible.. We are going to explain how to do it.

Recommendations to organize your closet and your life

Having all your clothes messy or not having enough space to know where to put them, represents a lack of control in your life that can affect your mood. It is a priority that you look for a solution and from here we give you the guidelines you need:


  • Take the positive side of a transfer


The transfers They represent real headaches, which is why it is necessary to organize. If you are going to organize your clothes in boxes for a moving company to carry out the transfer, take advantage of that moment to get rid of everything that you no longer need or are not going to use and organize the rest by categories. It's actually very convenient to do everything at once, so moving can be a good start to getting your life and closet in order.


  • Gather all your clothes and organize them by categories


Take all the clothes that you have stored in different areas of the house, whether closets, drawers, chests of drawers, trunks, etc., and put it in front of you. That way you will be aware of everything you have so you know what to throw away and what to keep.


  • Don't be afraid to get rid of what you're not going to use.


Before organizing everything, Get rid of everything you no longer use without regrets. You can make several piles and group the clothes according to what you want to do with them: Things to throw away, clothes to fix, clothes you will keep. You'd better take another look at the pile of clothes you want to fix, it may take a lot of effort and not be worth it.


  • First, the easiest


The clothes that you know are essential, put them on without further ado. This will help you keep it organized and not get discouraged. It is preferable that you leave underwear and accessories last as they are more expensive.


  • Do it all in the same day


Do your best to declutter your closet on the same day or several days in a row, but never leave it half done.. This could demotivate you and you could abandon your cause. When you see the results, you will see that the effort will be worth it.


  • Group your clothes by color and fold them forming pleats


If you save your clothes by color, You will facilitate the search on a visual level and give you a greater sense of order. This way you will quickly find things so you can combine them immediately.

The trick so that you can see all your clothes at the moment is to fold them in three folds and store them vertically that way.. This way you can take your clothes one by one without messing up the rest. Plus, it will wrinkle less, whether in your suitcase or closet.


  • The usual clothes at your fingertips


Don't forget that you should place the clothing and accessories that you use most during the week within your reach.. Likewise, keep what you don't usually use in the least accessible places to take advantage of all the space. In addition, you have multi-use hangers, hooks and special hangers for closets, where you can place your scarves, belts and more. This way, everything you need will be visible.

If you have always maintained proper order in your closet and are thinking about moving, at Passer Moving we offer “Door to Door” service in which we carry out the transfer of all your things: clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. maintaining the organization and order defined by you. We also offer you the possibility of save all in our warehouses until you find the perfect home 😉




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