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The importance of packaging in a move

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To the plan a move You need to take into account some important aspects so that the transfer of your belongings: furniture, books, dishes, etc. Don't turn into a nightmare.

The most appropriate way to ensure that your belongings do not suffer damage during transport is to proceed with correct and professional packaging.

That an object is correctly protected with packaging and nested is the key to ensuring its integrity.

Therefore, it is best to contact a company specialized in removals and transfers, like Passer Moving. No one knows better than us what procedures to carry out so that your goods arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

Does packaging really matter that much?

Yes, packaging not only plays a protective role, it also helps us to handle the furniture and other objects that we are going to transport in an organized, comfortable and quick way.

Organizing your belongings in appropriate boxes for transport means:

  1. Pack with appropriate protection those tools that are fragile and/or susceptible to damage during transport to protect them. Using, for example, manila paper or bubble wrap.
  2. Use Passer's instructions for correct identification so that the team can carry out a detailed inventory once the move begins.

In addition, Passer will offer different instructions and materials for those customers who prefer to pack certain items personally. If not, there will always be the option of taking off work and having the team do it during the transfer.


Packaging and boxes for your move

Since we have talked about the importance of packaging your household supplies, we will detail what type of boxes and what materials we should use for each object.

Quality material guarantees good work and the integrity of your goods: solid cardboard boxes, flexible bubble wrap, manila paper, plastic wrap, etc.

Glassware should be in boxes filled with manila and bubble wrap to prevent it from deforming and breaking. Additionally, one by one, we wrap the glass pieces with several layers of manila or bubble paper.

For books, we use small boxes, because it is the way to avoid excessively heavy loads, possible injuries and ensure the integrity of the box itself.

Medium boxes are ideal for transporting clothes, and hanging items go in closet boxes with hangers so they arrive at your new home in the best condition.

For kitchen items we use both medium boxes and barrel boxes, depending on needs.


And the furniture?


They must be emptied completely, so transportation is safer, simpler and more comfortable. Bulky furniture such as a wardrobe, dresser or table will be protected with bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic wrap to protect it from bumps and scratches.

For flat televisions, mirrors, paintings, etc. We make some boxes with bubble wrap and cardboard. If necessary, we custom manufacture special fumigated wooden boxes to adequately protect them during transport.


If you are thinking about moving call us and ask us for a quote personalized, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your move as comfortable and satisfactory as possible.





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