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The importance of documentation in an international move

Apart from good packaging, loading, stowage, management and supervision of the logistics that best suits your transfer, any international move requires customs and bureaucratic procedures. These procedures involve obtaining and reviewing a series of documentation that will allow us the free circulation of furniture and belongings throughout different countries.

The documentation to be gathered fulfills three main functions, namely:

IDENTIFY to the exporter and consignee, that is, the owner of the goods in the country of departure and entry: Identity documents, visas, residence permits or passport.

DESCRIBE the merchandise that is transported, whether by sea, air or by road, especially in those countries outside the European territorial scope: Inventories, bills of lading or proforma invoices.

WITNESS a period of residence in the country of origin and a change of residence to the destination country of our move: consular certificates, registrations and cancellations in the municipal registry, company letters, etc.

At Passer we are in charge of advising you from the beginning on all the documentation that will allow a safe trip for your belongings and the exemption of taxes and duties in the country of arrival, strictly complying with international data protection legislation.

Leave the documentation in our hands, with our help the bureaucracy will be much more enjoyable!



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