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New projects in companies for next year: Office transfer

More and more companies are considering something distribution is very important of their offices and relate it directly to the productivity and efficiency of their employees.

It is believed that next year there will be many companies that, when decorating an office, will no longer rely on aesthetic criteria, replacing it with that of aesthetics. functionality.

If you are thinking about making renovations in your company, at Passer Moving we have the Office Transfer service, which will adapt to any of your requests and resolve any questions that may arise.

We also offer you a few ideas to make it easier for you to decide on an office model;

          Small office layout and how to choose the size of furniture.

Sometimes small offices are the ones that give us the most headaches. That is why we have collected some ideas for the design of these.

In this type of offices or small offices, the limitation of space means that it charges greater importance of maximizing spaceThis is why opting for group or shared work stations and tables are the best option since we achieve a compact work environment and greater productivity.

We want to emphasize that the important thing is not to have a great table but to have it well organized and taking advantage of space. It is proven that a good tidy desk increases productivity, since it avoids unnecessary distractions, the presence of dispensable elements,...

          Distribution in modern offices

Modern offices or coworking, that is, sharing work areas, are booming in the world of work. There are many companies that opt for this type of distribution.

Some of the characteristics of these companies are: sharing tables, furniture, whiteboards to promote the flow of information between employees,...

Shared tables and chairs are used to separate spaces in a subtle way and do not represent a very marked barrier. The creation of common areas It is the basis of this type of offices, where exchanges of ideas and knowledge take place, among other things.

          Barrier-free offices

One of the most important things to take into account before designing the layout of our office is the relationship between areas and departments and the promotion of communication. This influences productivity, and with this, the different departments see the goal or objective as a common goal.

If you want to know more types of offices, check out our post where we talk about open offices

Finally, highlight some common tips in all types of offices:

Natural lighting: Opt for natural lighting in addition to artificial lighting. We remember that the distribution of modern offices and their decoration is based a lot on light and large spaces.

-Less is more: Decorate your office without overloading the environment. You can choose to put plants or some simple but elegant decoration object. This way you can personalize the environment, but without making it seem like it has too many objects.

Organization is very important: Desks with plenty of drawers are very important to organize all your work. You can choose to plan all documents in folders or filing cabinets.

Remember that good decoration is based on simplicity, spaciousness, planning and lighting.

At Passer Moving we have the office transfer service or the furniture storage service in case you want to carry out any type of renovation, we will take care of the custody of your furniture for the period you need.

If you want to find out more about the furniture storage service, you can visit our post where we explain what it consists of.




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