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What is the document management service and what is it for?

In this new post we will tell you about our new service Document Management.

At Passer Moving we consider it to be a very interesting topic and we would like you to know a little more about it.

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What is a document management system?


These management services are becoming an increasingly important piece for companies. Companies generate large amount of documentation and information day after day and normally they do not have the facilities or the appropriate method to classify and store so much documentation.

Therefore, the document management service ensures efficient organization of the company documentation, and this in the end considerably increases business productivity.

At Passer Moving we consider that the organization of information is a very relevant factor for the success of any company.

What are the advantages of a document management system?


    • All company information is found centralized, ordered and the risk of poorly filed or lost documents is avoided.
    • Avoid loss of documents, because they are stored in our custody warehouse specially created for document management.
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of the processes: since access to the stored information is very fast


  • Optimization of space and time.


  • Reinforcement of security regarding information. 
  • Outsource tasks It helps the productivity of the company since the company's internal resources are allocated to other functions.


At Passer Moving we have the appropriate space and means for storing your documents, including organization, inventory, packing and removal services, guaranteeing the custody of the documentation that they must maintain. We also offer, throughout the time that the documents are kept, a consultation service very agile and at the end of the useful life of the documents, the destruction service certified confidential of your files or confidential documentation.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult our website, where you will find all the necessary information about these services and if you have any questions, we are at your disposal to advise you via email. or +34 931 190 319.

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