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Our transit warehouse

In Passer Moving We only understand our business as a constant path forward, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve the way we work. We apply this in all its aspects, since we understand that it is the best way for both our clients and our team to feel as comfortable as possible.

With this idea we recently started the remodeling of our transit warehouse (which we use for removals and office transfers), taking advantage of the greater tranquility of the winter dates and with an eye on the future hustle and bustle of summer.

The transit warehouse is one of the nerve centers of our daily activity, here we store our clients' belongings and furniture for as long as necessary., usually short, from the moment we collect or receive them until we deliver or ship them to any part of the world. This is also where our teams depart from every morning; vehicles are prepared for the day and the team leaders do the briefings daily with the rest of the workers to organize the day's work, it is, after all, a very busy place. The majority of merchandise that we handle daily are personal belongings, which means that they come in the most varied shapes, sizes and weights, this implies that they do not have the ease of storage and storage that they have. industrial merchandise and commercial. For all this we carry out a study of the most effective storage solutions on the market for our peculiar needs and we implement them step by step.

With these characteristics in mind and in collaboration with the team leaders and the warehouse manager, who, after all, are the ones who breathe this place every day, we designed a plan to make all this traffic as comfortable and effective as possible. .

The new shelves and the improvements in the labeling and classification system will facilitate and speed up the management of entries and exits of items of goods, achieving greater effectiveness when managing our resources.



international moving