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Why hire a moving company?

Hire moving company

Why hire a company to do a move?

When people choose to move house, one of the biggest concerns that arise has to do with the transfer of all your furniture. The complicated thing is that all these belongings arrive in perfect condition and in one piece to their new destination. Sometimes, it is the interested person who uses their own means to make the transfer, although the most common thing is to hire a national or international moving company.

There are many reasons to trust a moving company. From here we show you some reasons for you to bet on our professionalism.

Reasons why you should hire a moving company:

  • First, because You save time. A specialist company offers you a fast and efficient quality service. What you would do in weeks, we do in days, always taking into account transit times when it comes to international removals.
  • A moving company is safer. At Passer Moving we make an inventory of your belongings to maintain strict control and so that your belongings are located at any time. In addition, moving companies have insurance to guarantee your move against any incident that may occur.
  • A national or international moving company has all the necessary tools to proceed with the disassembly and assembly of all your furniture. Also, we have the Packing material necessary to avoid any damage to your belongings.
  • From Passer Moving you we offer peace of mind and confidence. Especially when it comes to expatriates who need to move their belongings to another country at a given time, and need to know that they are safe.
  • moving companies We are fully informed about the current laws and regulations of each country. This way, our clients do not have to worry customs, tariffs, fines, fees, etc.


Expatriate moves

Indeed, the situations of the expatriates are somewhat different, since at any time they can Relocate. In some cases due to bureaucratic demands. In others, due to personal motivations that will lead them to change their destination on a recurring basis.

Whatever the case, the Passer Moving team is an exceptional ally for carry out international removals. The key is to offer a completely transparent quality service so that our client fully trusts us.

In the international removals that take place in member states of the European Union, there is no room for formalities tariffs, although customs in maritime/air services.Now, when it comes to destinations outside the EU, a certain amount of documentation according to the country of destination: inventory details of movable property and effects, photocopy of the passport and documents that prove the transfer of residence (employment contract, certificate of change of residence issued by the town hall, transfer card issued by the employment company, etc.).

He Transporting furniture and personal effects requires a series of mandatory formalities And it is at this time that it is very important to have the help of professionals who have the necessary certifications and who can offer the greatest guarantee in this regard. In this way, we take care of processing any required paperwork.

If you are thinking about making a change of residence and need more information to move your belongings, you can request it from us. here.



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