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What are the most stressful sectors to work in?

most stressful sectors

What are the most stressful sectors to work in?

Today we talk to you about a very interesting topic:
Work stress.

He stress It is a factor present in the lives of the majority of Spaniards. According to the National Institute of Statistics, 59% of the population is affected by stress.

And we can say that the World Health Organization classifies stress as a global epidemic and raises the figure in Spain to 84% of the population.

The fact that a worker suffers from stress is not the fault of a single factor; many factors can lead to this situation.

CareeCast, a recognized digital portal in the labor area, has prepared a ranking of the most stressful professions in the world, classified on a scale of values that goes from 0 (lowest level) to 100 (the maximum level).

This ranking reflects the pressure from superiors in terms of delivery, remuneration, physical tests, market competitiveness, risk that it may pose to health, etc.

We are going to explain and detail this ranking to you According to CareerCast's annual Jobs Rated report:

In number 1 we find military and firefighters, with 72 points out of 100. One of the reasons why this profession occupies number 1 is because of the great demands on physical tests, in addition to the occupational risk that its profession already entails; the report points out "Firefighters, for example, face dangerous conditions both for the professionals themselves and for the public who depend on the work they do." This supposes a great stress for these professionals because not only their lives but the lives of many people depend on their work..

In second place we would find the aircraft pilots, but in this case the stress is different from the previous one since it is due to the fact that the demands of their job do not correspond to their remuneration.

Continuing with the ranking, the professions that occupy third place are police, the event coordinators and organizers, with about 51.1 points obtained, followed by the journalists and television presenters In fourth position, both obtained 49 points. These professions are characterized by the fact that they share the worst hiring scenarios since in the near future they are expected drastic staff reductions in your sector. The fear of losing your job or the need to reinvent yourself is a great ally for work stress.

Before closing this post we want to mention other jobs that may not be at the top of the ranking but that also have high levels of stress, such as: teachers, taxi drivers, surgeons, lawyers, IT managers, waiters, social workers, etc. As the report shows, stress levels do not always correspond to the most qualified positions or those with higher salaries and this is often a cause of stress for employees in itself.

Finally, note that, By creating a good work environment where your workers feel comfortable, can express their concerns and, if necessary, making them leave their comfort zone little by little and in a planned manner, we will achieve reduce their stress, thus increasing their dedication, commitment and productivity in the company. Encouraging your employees to feel good in their workplace and within the organization is always a plus that the company will receive in the form of benefits and results.

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