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How to choose the best office for your company?

At Passer Moving we help you discover which is the best office for your company.

We consider that a good workspace greatly influences the productivity of the company, so follow these tips and adapt them to the needs of your business and employees:


Office location

We will start talking about the location of your office for being one of the most important items when locating a business. The ideal area to locate your new office is the city center or an area of high commercial activity.

Remember that the location of an office as well as a good connection with the rest of the city's services are items that will add business and personal value; for both workers, suppliers and clients. Don't forget to consider the connection by road and public transport.


Services that the office has

Closely related to the business location, it is of great relevance to know the services that are close to your office: agencies, complementary service companies, hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc. 

Your company may need to delegate some tasks to other professionals.. In this way it is more comfortable, operational and rigorous, having close services and a fluid relationship. Along the same lines, it is important that both workers, suppliers and clients can count on a wide network of services close to the office since it will facilitate the connection and comfort of all of them. 


Office accessibility

The location of an office is important, but it is not everything. You should also take into account  office accessibility; How many and how are the entrances to the office building?, How access to the building and mobility within it are structured. For example, knowing how to access the different areas, knowing if it has parking and how to access it, if it has access for the disabled, etc. And, nowadays, it is also very interesting to take into account whether you have any space for the storage of bicycles and electric scooters, due to being the new transportation in the city.


The office

Finally, you must clearly define the number of current workers that the company has, to adapt spaces to the needs of employees, and the equipment that you will need in offices, common areas, etc. At Passer moving we have the space management service for companies, if you want to request information click here.


At Passer we point out that it is better to look for an office that allows for growth and adaptation. In addition, we also highlight that it is preferable to look for a spacious office, with good lighting and with all the necessary elements so that both workers and clients are in a comfortable place.

Always remember that not all companies are the same, so the first thing you have to do is take into account what exactly your company needs. To help you be clear about this, you can make a list of essential requirements, which will help you in your search for a profitable and efficient new office.

Once the previous steps have been completed and the decision has been madeIf you need to move from your old office to the new one, you must have a specialized company like Passer Moving to make a efficient and optimized transfer. Check our website here and ask us for a quote, we are at your disposal. 

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