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Your safe home this holiday

Your safe home this holiday

During the summer, people usually take a few days off and go on vacation to get away from the routine and stress of everyday life. However, During that time of relaxation, our house is left alone and vulnerable, so that thieves can act at will.

Most home burglaries take place during the months of July to September, hence we have to take measures.

Tips to avoid robberies and thefts during the holidays

It is possible to avoid theft on vacation. The only thing you will have to do is follow a series of recommendations and put a little interest to make it more difficult for thieves. The two main aspects are: protect your home well and try not to give too many clues that no one is there.

Before leaving home, check that the doors and windows of your house are tightly closed to prevent entry. Close all your doors, including access to patios and basements, and don't hide the keys in classic places like the mailbox or under the doormat.

Don't announce that you're going on vacation., posting photos on your social networks or commenting on your plans to people you don't have much trust with. It is preferable to avoid giving clues to thieves and report your escape only to people close to you.

Do everything possible to make your house look like it is inhabited. Most home burglaries take place when the tenants are away, which is why It is advisable that you ask a friend or neighbor for help so thatIn addition to watering your plants, Check the inside of your home and collect the mail so as not to leave it piled up in your mailbox. It's also a good idea leave the blinds half open or closed and have that trusted person turn on the lights from time to time.

Valuables such as jewelry and money are the main loot of thieves because they weigh little and are easy to carry. Before you leave, think a little and find the safest place in the house to hide them.. In any case, you can also opt for other safer alternatives to store them, such as safe deposit boxes or bank safe deposit boxes.

It is advisable that you make an inventory of all valuable objects found in the home so that you can act if they are stolen.. This list will help you report the theft to the police and claim what you lost from the insurance.. Try to ensure that this list is documented, including its most important characteristics to facilitate identification and even take images with your smartphone.

When it comes to avoiding theft on vacation, One of the best options is to install an alarm at home. With the alarm, the thief is often able to desist from his efforts. Now, it does not always work, which is why many people install comprehensive security systems in their homes through a combination of different measures.

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According to the previous advice We can install different security devices taking into account the most vulnerable areas of our home. New home automation technologies offer a multitude of devices to reinforce security: surveillance cameras, complex locking systems in locks and bars, identification systems and a long etcetera.

Neighborhood collaboration is a fundamental support element to prevent theft on vacation. You must think that if thieves feel continually watched, they will give up and their plans will be frustrated. That is why it is advisable that all the residents of the urbanization be alert and notify the police as soon as they notice something strange so that everyone can benefit mutually.





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