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Can I throw my company documentation into the paper bin?

Can I throw my company documentation into the paper bin?


A question that is repeated in many companies is whether I can throw my company's documentation into the paper bin.

The answer is no, Confidential information on paper must be confidentially destroyed and recycled in accordance with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The GDPR, to guarantee the protection of personal data, requires the data controller to adopt the necessary security measures and? destroy that data when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected.

Many reports reveal that almost half of the companies in our country fail to comply with some security measure for the destruction of confidential information and it is estimated that more than half of this data ends up in trash cans without having followed the established protocol.


These are the mistakes you should not make when destroying your company's documentation


Throw documentation in the trash


Is left over It is strictly prohibited to throw away any type of documentation. that contains any type of confidential information to the trash or paper container.

You should know that if you throw these “papers” in the trash, you are allowing anyone to access them and, therefore, be aware of all the information it contains.

Paper is an element that can be recycling so, in addition to not destroying confidential documentation correctly, you are damaging the environment. 


Destroy only documents protected by the LOPD


A very typical error is thinking that we should only correctly destroy the documents protected by the Organic Law on Data Protection. It is clear that destroying them correctly is very important, and especially these, but we should not categorize them as unique.  


From Passer Moving document management division we emphasize that All documents that circulate in the company are important since they contain all types of information that may become confidential and should not be accessed by people outside your company, since anyone could misuse the data contained in the documentation.

Therefore, it is equally important to correctly delete documents protected by the GDPR as documents for everyday use, since we never know what can happen with poor management of their information.


Visit our post about our document management service and discover what it is and what it is for.


Burn the documents


One of the wrong measurements that many companies take consists of burn these documents whether out of fear, simple concern or lack of knowledge of other options when it comes to correctly destroying confidential documentation.

This method is very harmful to both the environment, since burning paper releases different toxic elements that are harmful, such as to our health.

We remind you that in addition to limiting the company's accessible information, the law also requires you to continue with some values such as giving environmental treatment to paper waste.


Not having certificates of destruction and environmental treatment

You must always have a report or certificate that proves that said destruction is being carried out legally and safely, otherwise there is a risk of sanctions of up to 4% of the total annual billing and could also lead to criminal risks for revealing secrets.


At Passer Moving we have specialized services in Document Management and within these we offer, among others, the confidential destruction of any type of documentation. 

We can carry out this service, completely adapting to your company both punctually as well as scheduled and always with security level 3

Furthermore, at the end of the destruction we will give you a certificate of destruction and recycling in accordance with current legislation regarding data protection and the environment. 

Request a quote without obligation.





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