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The fashionable colors of this 2020

Colors 2020

The fashionable colors of this 2020

New home? Do you already know what the new decoration will be like? One of the first decisions you should make to start decorating your new apartment is: What color to paint the walls.

If you are thinking about moving, we will tell you what is the best time to do it:

In our new post discover the seasonal colors of 2020 to inspire you.

The walls have always been protagonists but the trends in their colors vary constantly, year after year and they adapt and evolve to the different styles of the time and society. But it is true that many colors do not go out of style and some even reappear after being forgotten for a long time.

lThe walls are the main axis of the decoration of a house. This year's trends are maintained compared to the previous one. Pastel colors are still a trend, but it should be noted that decoration with paintings is also still very important.

As a novelty we find that watches or metal objects are going to be a trend this year, since objects with curves are beginning to be valued very positively.

In the post we will develop this point further, but we tell you that the color of the year is classic blue and it is ideal to combine it with paper decorations, including the well-known vinyls.

Colors 2020

Remember that the choice of what color to decorate the walls of our new home can be very varied. A good option is to opt for more than one and combine them. 

But it is true that when we talk about a small apartment it is always better to paint it in just one tone to unify the spaces and cause a feeling of more spaciousness.

We present to you the 5 main colors of this 2020:


Classic blue: Chosen as the color of the year, it reminds us of the sky just before dusk, or on the contrary, if you prefer lighter colors, you can always opt for a more turquoise blue, for example.

-White: White never fails, it is a very common color since it brings a lot of light to spaces. And remember that just like blue, white also has many shades, for example, off-white.

-Grey: ANDGray is a good option especially for bedrooms, it is a color that invites you to rest and gives a very dressed wall character.

Beige: Beige is a simple, elegant and refined color. Unlike white, it is not so cold and is expected to be one of the favorite colors for this year.

-Green: Finally, we would find the green ones, intended for the most natural decorations, with wood-tone furniture. This season we are looking for natural and soft green tones.


After all this review, all that remains is to decide which color best suits your new home, evaluating the combination with your furniture, which adapts to the dimensions of the house...

Count on Passer Moving for the entire moving process and only think about what the new decoration of your house will be like. Consult our website and request a quote, we will adapt the operation to all your needs.

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