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Digital deficiencies of companies during confinement

Document digitalization

Digital deficiencies of companies during confinement


Teleworking is not new, many small, medium and large companies have already had it for several years.

What is surprising is that almost the 99% of the companies that have the option of applying it are doing so now due to the situation caused by the coronavirus.


Teleworking is revealing many truths to us both employees and employers, such as the deficiencies of digitalization in organizations. There are many companies that have been forced to adopt new measures to telework during confinement such as instant messaging tools, file sharing, video calling, etc. These companies have noticed that the measures they have been acquiring have not been sufficient because they did not have your company's documentation digitized for consultation by your employees.

At Passer we have written this post to explain some of the advantages of having our file and document digitization service.

What is it and what are the advantages of digitizing our documents?

The document digitalization It is defined as the process of converting physical documents into digital format.

Although at first this process may seem very laborious and complicated, Once done, it represents a great competitive advantage for the company because it allows remote access from anywhere.

Advantages of digitizing our company's documentation:


Retrench of space


One of the most tangible features is space saving. All companies must allocate a part of their infrastructure to locate their files and printed documents. Thanks to digitization process, we ensure that this space can be used for another possibly more useful function: rest area, expansion of the number of offices, more common areas, etc.



Document protection



We achieve greater protection of our information since the paper support may be damaged. For example, it may be that documentation gets wet or even thatThe passage of time causes some deterioration.

Prefer to Digital support provides us with greater security and protection of our documents.


Reduction of time searching for information


Clutter can be present when we have documentation in paper format, and this can cause the loss of relevant and important information for our company.

In the case of We can access digital files to search or consult our information quickly and easily..

Throughout the work day, For many companies, these searches are so frequent and necessary that, by optimizing the time dedicated to these tasks, many minutes are gained at the end of the day..


Increase productivity


Technology is always a good ally for our company. Thanks to it, we are currently able to perform everyday tasks much faster and easier. When we make processes easy, simple and accessible we improve productivity, the quality of our employees' work and even emotional well-being..


Access to information through different technological devices.


The file digitization system allows remote access from anywhere and from different devices, thus making the information accessible at any time, whenever you need it. Your employees will be able to access it from home during confinement and once it ends from a client's offices on a commercial visit, for example..


There are many companies that during the coronavirus have realized that going digital is part of their future, that's why If you need this service we are here to help you: Visit our website and ask us how we digitize files and/or documents, we help companies like yours take the leap!




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