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Effective check list for a well-organized office move

Effective check list for a well-organized office move


Office relocation requires proper organization to transport numerous valuables from one place to another., whether documentation, furniture or computer equipment. There are many factors that can influence the process, hence we must take it calmly and spend as much time as necessary to obtain a positive result.

Before starting, One of the most important things we must do is a check list to carry out the transfer correctly.. That way, we won't forget anything and we'll know where everything will go.

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10 basic points to make an effective check list


¿You want to know how to make a check list to move your office? Take note of these simple and effective tips to organize everything correctly:


  1. Create a simple document that stands out for its clarity. In reality, the lists for moving offices do not reverse any difficulty. However, It is important to choose a document that facilitates all the work, or make a personalized one, where you can include all these aspects: list with the moving objects, be able to classify them according to type of furniture (for example), edit legend, add observations, etc.


  1. Digitize the list. Even if you have a physical document to keep a precise order, Don't forget to include a digital copy in a spreadsheet. That way it won't get lost, you'll be able to organize everything more easily and write down any additional notes.


  1. Decide what you should keep in each box. Normally there will be boxes with personal effects of all workers, boxes with documentation from different departments and boxes with office supplies.. The most advisable thing is to do it according to their degree of usefulness and depending on the room where they will end up. Be that as it may, once you have decided, you will have to include it in the inventory to know exactly what each box contains.


  1. Label the boxes. Knowing what to keep in each box is important, but You will have to differentiate them to know where everything is. In this way and using a plan, we can locate the boxes in the place indicated by the company. Simply put an identification label and include the name or number that you have used in your inventory to have total and absolute control.


  1. Special objects that require special transport. When moving offices, there are always objects that stand out for their value or fragility, which deserve a different transfer during the move. These elements must be correctly identified prior to carrying out the move, in order to use the appropriate material.


  1. When labeling boxes, give priority to the most important ones. An office can have so many belongings that it can take several days to unpack everything, which is why you must have the essentials under control to access them as soon as you need them.


  1. In addition to preparing a list of classic office supplies such as materials or documentation, it is advisable to prepare a list of the furniture that will go to each room., whether they are employee workplaces, meeting rooms, managers' offices, etc.


  1. Use the list during the move to control what leaves the office of origin and goes to each room in the new headquarters.


  1. The moving company must use the relationship and plans to place objects and furniture. Once everything begins to be placed, have the list on hand to mark or type each object that comes out of the boxes. One more way to make sure nothing is missing. Specifically, we usually do several reviews of rooms and floors with our transfer coordinators and the client, before finalizing the move.


  1. When making a list like this, it is often convenient to ask for advice from a company specialized in office relocations to obtain the best advice and not fail.


These tips will help you so that the transfer from one headquarters to another goes perfectly. Remember that the most important thing is planning, preparing the move well in advance and knowing that you can count on Passer Moving to carry out the planning, the listing, the packaging of all objects and furniture, the disconnection of computer equipment, the permits for the transfer, unloading and placement of all furniture and belongings in the new offices. If you want to contact us you can do so by clicking here.




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