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External file custody services and their advantages

External file custody services and their advantages

Imagine that the space you dedicate to the archive in your company suffers a flood, that there has been a burst pipe and this has caused your documents to become wet, making most of them useless, although possibly and with a little luck you can recover some of them.

Keep imagining and think for a moment that your file space suffers a fire, a simple short circuit that reduces your company's information since its creation to ashes... in this case the loss of information can be total and irreversible.

Let's imagine, reflect for a moment on who, how and when has access to your documents and think that not all documents should be able to be consulted by all the people you have hired in your organization, here we enter into issues of confidentiality and data protection. data.

Other headaches that you may have with your document archive is that they become infected with microorganism pests, either due to a small flood, differences in temperature and humidity or the dust that accumulates in said spaces.

Everything mentioned is not the fruit of your imagination, they are real cases that constantly occur in multiple files. Both from public and private companies and that make us reflect on whether we really have the files in the best possible conditions.

Added to all these factors is the possible lack of space that we may encounter many times, our archive grows and grows, and yet our physical space remains the same.

Another question that is repeated in many companies is, how long and what should I keep in relation to my company's documentation?

Our external documentation custody service answers all these questions:

External custody is a good alternative. Safety and profitability. In our warehouses prepared and conditioned exclusively for document archiving, we guarantee the perfect conservation of the documents that our clients entrust to us.

The formula is apparently simple, in the file there is no electrical installation or pipes of any kind. All files are at least 15 cm from the floor.

We want to avoid these mishaps, remove files from poorly conditioned garages and storage rooms, from buildings that support all types of facilities and risks, from warehouses that do not comply with minimum fire regulations, etc.

At Passer Moving, documentation is secure and available. We are the most reliable alternative.

Likewise, we carry out exhaustive control of the contents that we keep. We can locate and deliver documents to you in a short period of time, in addition to destroying your documents once they have expired.

And all this is done with very tight variable costs.

Are you going to continue taking risks? 




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