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Tips for security in your home

Did you know that two out of every three robberies occur at night? Specifically, the police focus them on the time slot from 1 to 4 in the morning.

To avoid this and ensure that your home is under maximum security, we recommend that you follow these tips:


 Always lock it


The first point on this list is fundamental, make sure that whenever you leave the house you close the door with key, even if it's only 5 minutes.

Locked doors (without key) with just a push could be opened in a matter of seconds. It is recommended that the door have two closing points, to make this entry much more complicated.

Finally, look to see if there is any gap between the door and the floor, to prevent the thief from using any type of leverage.


Check the locks


Check and update locks both windows and doors periodically. Locks can wear out very quickly and this results in a loss of effectiveness.

So it makes the removals, It is important to change the lock on your new home, especially if it had already been lived in before..


Strengthens security on balconies, terraces and gardens


Thieves can choose to climb the façade through the balconies, which is why it is vitally important that security is reinforced at these points. To do this, we can install doors that can be locked; in lower floors or houses, bars could be an option, among many others.


Do not open to strangers


By giving access to a a stranger Whether it is your home or portal, you are damaging your safety and that of your neighbors. Therefore, you should always ask who it is and in the case of a worker you should demand that they show you their accreditation.

For greater security, you can keep the door closed until you can fully identify yourself.


Do not leave valuables in the home


The best way to avoid being robbed is to keep your valuable things outside the home, for example, money.

If you have it, make sure it is safe with a safe or other security measures that you consider necessary.


Improves the security of the neighborhood community


Strengthen security in building access areas It's a great help. The security measures you can take in this situation are the installation of video surveillance cameras or a deterrent sign.

Remember that if your building has rooftops or garages, it is advisable to install detectors or cameras in the area


Take out insurance  

Follow all the advice given and hire a good insurance for your home can save you a lot of trouble.


A good time to start applying all these security measures is when you make a move. At Passer Moving we offer both national and international removals and we encourage you to keep your home completely safe by following these tips.




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