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6 tips to reduce your pet's stress level during a move

A move can be more complicated if it is carried out with pets, it is inevitable that the animals can become as stressed or more than the owners.

For this reason, at Passer Moving we offer you 5 tips to make your pets' stress much less:


  • Your pet's emotions during the move


Pets capture emotions of their owners, therefore, we must act calmly, follow the same routine and take a deep breath. If you appear nervous your pet will sense it.


  • Control the pet during the move


At the time of moving the boxes or furniture, it is vitally important to have located and protected to your pet since the great hustle and bustle can cause discomfort.

If you don't do continuous surveillance of your pet, it may happen that it leaves the home alone and scared.


  • Do not change your pet's habits during a move


As we have already said in the first tip, animals sense our stress much more than we think. That is why a sudden change in your routine can increase your stress levels and discomfort.

We recommend that you continue doing your daily routine, in terms of walks, etc...


  • Distract the pet during the move


A good idea may be to buy some type of new toy, such as a ball, so that he is distracted alone and does not pay much attention to the moving operation.

If possible, we recommend that you ask for help from a family member or friend to take care of it during the move.


  • The new home for your pet


Finally, when settling into the new house, the pet must adapt to it. We must define your new site at home. With this, we will make you feel calmer and return to your routine.


With these 6 tips you will be able to mitigate your pet's stress level during the move and also by hiring the services of our company, you will have everything under control and your pet's stress it will not be a problem.


Ask us for everything you need and we will also help you with your pet.

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