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How to make a comfortable and safe move? The advantages of the furniture storage service

Removals with Furniture Storage

How to make a comfortable and safe move? The advantages of the furniture storage service

There are more and more people who choose to hire a moving service with furniture storage And two different situations can occur. First of all, that you have put your apartment up for sale without having yet found a new residence. In second place,  You want to renovate your home and first need to store all your things.

The truth is that this service has multiple advantages and in this new post we are going to try to summarize them so that you can make up your mind. Our moving company is aware of how important it is to allow our clients' furniture to be stored. Find out what it is and how it works!

Why hire a moving service with furniture storage?


Us We take care of making the transfers to make the work easier for our clients, and we have an accessible service that includes moving and furniture storage, thus we offer you a more complete service. The idea is that We will not only move your belongings to a warehouse but we will provide guard and custody for as long as you need..

Hiring a storage service like ours is a great option to have everything well organized and secured; Your home furniture will be protected and safe without you having to worry about it until you can relocate it again or we transport it to your new residence.

Sometimes, during transfers, there are more or less short periods of time from when clients leave the previous home until they arrive at the new one. The same happens in the case of renovations, where clients stay elsewhere during the time the works last and look for shelter for the furniture coming from the space to be renovated. Be that as it may, if you find yourself in this situation, it is very important to find a safe and reliable place, and there is nothing better than hiring this type of service. 

The furniture storage service is also very useful in case you have to move abroad for a certain time, and you do not need to take the furniture with you.

These that we have explained to you are some of the most common situations for hiring the furniture storage service. 

Regarding its main advantages, we highlight the following:

  • Comfort. Our staff personally takes care of the disassembly of all furniture, as well as its packaging and transportation to its temporary storage location.
  • Security and trust. In this space your belongings will remain in the best conditions and with the greatest security until the period that you have previously agreed upon ends.
  • Zero worries. If you do not want to carry your furniture, our team will take care of it again to take it to its final destination or your new home.

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If you only need the moving service, you can do that too. Another alternative is to look for adequate storage for temporary use at your own risk, but keep in mind that you will personally have to take care of its packaging and transportation. It is a useful service, but with the loss of time that this entails and more costly in terms of effort. The best solution? That in request a quote and evaluate which of the two alternatives will be more economical, evaluating not only the price but also the time and effort.





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