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3 Things to keep in mind when moving with children

In this new post we will talk about what it can mean to face a move for the little ones in the house.

First of all, we must emphasize that The move is a sudden change for all family members. given that It's a big decision which should be taken calmly and with time. Having clarified this, it is true that due to the young age of the children we could highlight a lack of experience that can cause a greater fear of facing new challenges.

Things like adapting to the new house or changing schools They can be great fears for them.

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At Passer Moving we want this process to be as pleasant as possible, which is why we adapt our services to your needs and we also give you some advice:


  • Be honest with the children


It is very important to realize that even though they are young, there may always be the possibility that they will develop some type of stress. Therefore, before making the decision you must go explaining the possible changes that are coming, so that little by little he adapts.

A good option is to explain the steps in a simple and friendly way. Remember to always tell the truth, the reasons, what the new house will be like, etc. With this it is important to ensure that they do not create false expectations.


  • Make moving a task for everyone  


As the title says, you should try to The tasks that arise during the moving process are the responsibility of all family members..

In this way you will make the little one feel that they are taken into account, that their opinion adds value and that they play an important role in this process, making them much more willing to collaborate.

In the process, it is very important that you transmit that good energy, joy and make them understand that it is a team effort. Children suffer less if they feel in an environment of joy and happiness, and what better way to capture this than seeing their parents happy!

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  • Take the move calmly


Finally, the best advice we can give you is that you should try to take the transfer process calmly. We know that it is a complex process, but as much as possible, for your own good and that of your little ones, you should try to be relaxed. It is important, for example, to avoid arguments in front of them, not to be indecisive when assigning rooms to each one, etc...

Our operational team will do everything possible to ensure that the little ones in the house have a good time during the move.

, making them participate if that is what they want. We will give orders to properly package all toys so that they arrive in perfect condition!

We hope that all these tips will help you, and remember that at Passer Moving we are at your disposal for any questions or needs. Consult our website and request information here.


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