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Are we entitled to days off for moving at work?

Are we entitled to days off for moving at work?


Making a move is a process that can take us several days, that is why when the time comes we ask ourselves the question of How many days do we have at work level for moving, with the aim of requesting the permission necessary at work. 

We want you to know that to carry out a move correctly it is important to carefully prepare the previous phase, take care of all the unforeseen events on the day of the move and organize our belongings in our new home.

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Are we entitled to days off for moving?

Yes, any salaried worker has the right to a permit that, according to the Workers' Statute of our country, corresponds to one day and will be remunerated. Furthermore, it should be noted that there are collective agreements that specify that, if the distance between the address of origin and destination is considerable and/or if this implies a change of province, there is the possibility of extending to two days.

In order not to affect the pace of the company, it is recommended Consult and notify quickly our intention to make a change of address and on what date we plan to do it, in this way we will resolve the question of how many days we have to move, thus facilitating the organization both at home and at work.

Qualify that The day of the move corresponds exclusively to you due to change of address and It will not be valid to request it for a temporary move. Another case in which this permit is also not valid is for the execution of works that involve moving to another address for a few days. For these types of situations we recommend that you let the company advise you. The most common thing is to consider requesting vacation days or days for our own business.

However, small companies (SMEs), which generally tend to have a more direct and close relationship in the worker-superior relationship, are usually quite understanding in these situations and can give a lot of leeway. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of Communicate it with the company as quickly as possible.

To justify to the company the day of leave due to change of address, we must present the new registration certificate.

Organize your move in time and in an orderly manner

As we have explained in other posts on our blog, the change of address goes beyond the move, it involves many administrative procedures in: City Hall, Primary Care, Traffic, Police, Tax Agency, Social Security, etc.

As moving specialists, we recommend that you write down all the procedures on a list of pending tasks, so you will be able to have everything organized and not forget anything.

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