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Moving corporate headquarters on vacation, why is it the best time?

Moving corporate headquarters on vacation, why is it the best time?


Normally, do The transfer of a corporate headquarters is related to the needs of the core business or strategic criteria of the company. Planning it is something that must be done very carefully, since The company must do everything possible to motivate employees, while saving costs and avoiding a significant decrease in productivity.. In that way, Regardless of the size of the company, all of these issues must be addressed correctly so that they do not have a negative impact on your bottom line.. As? A good way to do this is to move the corporate headquarters at vacation time..

What do the transfers of corporate headquarters entail?


Uncertainty is what leads a company to think about new spaces that adapt perfectly to its changing needs., giving rise to a much more organized and flexible work environment.

The offices of the future of corporate headquarters They are usually thought to be equipped with a spectacular design, with practical and attractive furniture sometimes created from recycled materials, outdoor spaces where employees can relax and plenty of natural lighting.

The most successful organizations focus on more advantageous buildings that increase the well-being of their employees, resulting in a more competitive workspace and a stronger corporate image that generates greater trust in customers..

The transfers of corporate headquarters entail a process of economic and organizational transformation in which the aim is to evolve to obtain a greater capacity for adaptation. And, when it comes to maintaining a more competitive position with respect to the main rivals in the sector, it is necessary to embark on a transcendental change like this.

However, When moving corporate headquarters and offices, it is essential that there is communication and detailed logistical planning so that the change headquarters be as planned.


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Why take advantage of vacations to move headquarters?


When changing offices, it is very important to label everything that you want to take to the new headquarters, whether it is computer equipment, documentation and furniture.. The company in charge of making the move must have the plans of both offices (origin and destination) so that the team can organize everything and know where everything goes..

In the first phase of the move, everything must be disassembled, protected for transport, and fitted into its new environment.. In the same way, Actions must be coordinated with the human team in charge of making computer connections and with the company's IT department..

In a second phase, the transfer of everything is carried out, from closets and meeting rooms to documentation, including personal effects that each employee has in their workspace. In the last phase, all the pertinent checks are made to guarantee that the final layout of the new office has been carried out successfully, giving rise to the final touches..

As you will see, a change of headquarters is something very complex that requires great planning on the part of the company and the company in charge of making the move. However, So that the process does not represent a brake on activity or interfere with overall results, it is advisable to wait for the summer holidays to arrive, where a drop in productivity is expected each year..

Besides, Many companies, taking advantage of the massive departure of their workers and since it is not profitable to hire new inexperienced workers who need to be taught, usually close for a while. prudential. Without a doubt, this is the best opportunity to do so, so, Upon return, your workers can return to their jobs with the same routine as always, only in a new environment more appropriate to the interests of the company..


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