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How to prepare your company for the move to another location

Move your company to another location

How to prepare your company for the move to another location

In this new post we are going to give you the necessary advice to face an office transfer to another location.

In this post we inform you of the cities with the most job opportunities:

This process It should not be thought of solely as a physical change of location, we must also take into account the change it represents for our company's employees.

It is well known that companies that understand the connection between preparing their workers to face change and effective implementation of new tasks or initiatives always obtain better results, align better with objectives and achieve the objectives they seek more quickly.

It is important to have great and organized planning in addition to the support of professionals and/or specialized companies to help you and your employees overcome and adapt to the new change. This way you will be able to continue maintaining your previous competitive advantages.

Poor management of this process can mean delays or serious and erroneous results for the company.

To carry out this process in a good way we must talk about the operation that is carried out before, during and after the transfer. 

The preparation prior to office change It is one of the most important parts of planning a process of moving an office to another location and it is the part that we are going to explain in this article on our blog. In future articles, we will develop implementation and monitoring actions.

Steps to follow to prepare your company for a move to another location:


  1. You should find out how other companies have faced these types of changes; This way you can take them as an example and avoid those mistakes they made.
  2. Involve the largest number of workers in some type of task to give the image that the transfer is everyone's business. Share and explain the reason for the move, what they think would be necessary to have in the new location, when they think it may be the best time of year to do it, etc. In this process, keep in mind that not all people find it the same to leave their “comfort zone.”
  3. Design a transfer process, that is, plan it, delimit it by phases, organize it by departments or areas, etc.
  4. Build a fluid and effective communication process between all members of the company.
  5. Provide the necessary help or that requested by employees, always to the extent possible.
  6. Measure the success of the process and show it to the entire company.


Find out here how to deal with a transfer for work reasons:

If you are thinking about taking this big step from Passer Moving, we can advise you in this first stage and in the following ones.

We have services to resolve any type of office transfer, whether national or international, and we are also at your disposal to adapt the operation to your needs and objectives. 

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