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Professional document digitization services

Professional document digitization services

What advantages does outsourcing professional document digitization services provide?

The advantages are multiple. What Passer Moving proposes is a process of outsourcing everything that does not add value to your company and the objective of your business. Among others, digitization, printing of documents, custody, transfer, etc. 

The outsourcing of this type of activities allows them to allocate their resources to what really generates value and, at the same time, improve both productivity and access to information once digitized.

You. Do you want to save costs?

Hiring this work to a partner like Passer will avoid dedicating any type of human or material resources to the tedious physical manipulation of your documents, which represents a saving of up to 70% in the time and cost of this task and allows those resources to be allocated to other types of operations.
Our methodology means that all our clients have controlled costs. Furthermore, it is a service that we can provide you immediately, since we have hardware and software with the most advanced technology to be able to process that information, so you do not need to invest in very expensive hardware and software equipment.

Much more than a document digitization service

We provide added value and experience in a series of tasks that, as a client, would represent a significant use of resources.

We provide them with knowledge, support structures, security, confidentiality and above all, total control and traceability of the information.

Our outsourcing processes have made companies of any size trust us and understand that the service we provide is not just a mere scanning of “papers”, but that the value lies in analyzing how to do it and what they can do with those contents later to be treated efficiently by the client.


Is this type of service suitable for any type of company?

Based on our experience, both large corporations and SMEs can benefit from a specialized service like this.
We adapt and design the service to your needs, addressing the different stages of the process: document logistics, handling, classification, digitization, indexing, verification and quality control.

Therefore, we work to offer unit prices for concepts that are familiar such as ring binders or definitive files so that your company knows how much you are going to pay for the service and what benefit you will obtain.




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