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Teleworking: the home office


Teleworking: the home office

It is becoming more and more fashionable to locate a office at employees' homes so that a few days a month they can work from home and thus from the company to offer them added value in terms of work and family conciliation. This option is currently possible thanks to the advances that technology offers us.

Companies have seen that Thanks to the Internet, email and mobile phones, you can allow your employees to work a full or partial day from their homes. and thus avoid having to travel to a specific building to perform their function.

It is also notable that they are increasingly developing and improving specific programs so that workers They are connected with the company, with their colleagues and with middle and senior management to hold videoconferences, meetings, control workflows, etc. Many of these programs also allow you to record and monitor the daily activity of employees in order to justify the development of their tasks from home.

All this helps create a world of work that increasingly offers more facilities for this type of work modality.

Teleworking in our country is perceived as a new, modern and advantageous work modality for employees and companies. and that is why as a personnel manager or business owner you must inform yourself to assess whether your company is going to provide furniture for employees' offices in their homes, computer equipment, files, consumables, etc. 

This new modality is often confused with freelance work, but more and more companies are offering this benefit to their employees due to the advantages it provides to one party and another, as long as it is correctly managed. 

The reasons for a company to make this decision are several: to provide greater work and personal flexibility for workers, to save on expenses (diet, mileage, electricity, water, etc.), to modernize and obtain better human talent thanks to better working conditions, etc. In fact, teleworking has spread throughout the world, but one of the countries that has implemented it the most and best is the United States, where companies always try to be up to date in terms of efficiency and profitability.

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Besides, teleworking can be customized, so to speak, can be developed throughout the week; in the evenings; only a couple of days a week; or in certain periods of the year in which employees, due to the seasonality of school holidays, may have greater difficulty in reconciling work and family life, for example. Therefore, we are talking about Teleworking as a flexible and adaptable concept with multiple modalities.

In fact, we have not found any specific definition of this modality; each company must apply the conditions of teleworking in a way that responds to the needs of the company and its employees. It is because of that Many companies that choose this modality decide to facilitate the process by providing all the necessary tools to their workers so that they can carry out their activity in the best conditions: table, chair, Internet, desktop computer, office supplies, etc.. Let's say that many companies want the employee who works from home to be under the same conditions as the one who is in the office with the only difference being the place where they perform their function.

If you have decided or are considering offer your employees to work from home, At Passer Moving we can help you by guiding you through the process, because we have different services that will make the process easier than you imagine: we can moving furniture from your office to your employees' homes, locate the office in the area they designate with the necessary equipment, move the files, etc. We can also advise you on the relocation of positions in your company derived from the reduction of workers' presence hours by taking advantage of this new modality.

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